Sunday, 9 November 2008

The task was for a gothic arch... well this one sort of developed a life of its own. I had intended to play around with the innocently bemused young lady who had caught sight of something a bit saucy - like Michelangelo's David. Originally I had thought of her holding a sketchbook or a camera and saying it would be something to show the girls back home. Then I got hold of an ancient Roman archeological street site... and finally, because I did not want to offend, I placed a strategic butterfly wing... which actually makes it even cheekier!

Initially it was meant to be a sort of young maiden's fantasy, love story - but somehow it's turned out a bit sinister looking - maybe those clashing reds?

Whatever - it's fun.


roc said...

i love it stewie! it makes me smile. in my book, naked is always good.

WW said...

Yep....very cute stewie.
Made me smile!!
And yes...Roc has always had a problem keeping her clothes on!

TanyaMac said...

This is great Sir P! You should go skinny dippin with Roc!! :P*

P.s you are my BFF! See my latest blog post!

julietk said...

I find nothing sinister about it, it made me smile too. Enjoying your blog
:) juliet