Thursday, 6 November 2008

Chunky Bird - phase one

Well I have never done a 'chunky' before. This one is for a November swap, 4" x 4". Have made a start with the image - originally had intended marking out the quarters but think it might be too heavy handed so will probably leave it as it is.

The 'chunky' element means adding dangly bits - beads, feathers, ribbons, etc! So this will be the next phase... will see how it all goes before seeing if it's up to standard.

The theme is 'art' and words of inspiration must be added. Now my calligraphy is dreadful - most of my friends can do the most brilliant scrolling texts but I wimp out and print something odd. This is a skill I MUST learn... someday.

Anyway - my birds tend to keep cropping up - is it because they are so darn cute to draw? Or their grace in flight - or their latent monstrosity from days of the dinosaurs? Plus the symbols of nests, homes, trees, eggs, new life, and the joy of birdsong with the mystery of migration - all inspires and confounds me.

Trouble is all my creations - like myself - seem somewhat bewildered by it all.

1 comment:

roc said...

i love your birds stewie! you are doing a great job with this chunky page!!!