Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Peace and Love

I returned to the hospital today expecting to be discharged. Instead I was given a small operation to rectify some scar tissue which was causing an obstruction. My results from Pathology are still not yet through but I genuinely remain optimistic.
Nevertheless I feel a little 'down'. So I want to share two very special pictures which I painted about twelve years ago.
One is tiny - measures about 3" square. It shows my bestest pals Sam and Ben waiting for my wife at our side gate.
The other (boats, medium sized,) was painted on the day that Sam was put to sleep whilst still a youngster. He is depicted by the fragile vessel caught in the setting sun's ray.
Both pictures hang in our lounge - they bring me a sense of peace and a reminder of unconditional love.


roc said...

wow stewie..those pictures are awesome. great job.
hang in there bud. you have a lot people praying for you. feel better soon!

WW said...

Well managed to bring tears to my eyes with those paintings and the story of your friend.
I still miss mine with all my heart!
Take care...nothing bad can happen to you with all the love that is going your way!

TanyaMac said...

Oh Sir P - i wish I could click my two heels together and make things better. Your paintings are so touching, its no wonder they have pride of place in your home. Keep your chin up and know that we love you! I'm thinking of you daily. Be well. xxx

barefootchef said...

Love these pieces. Am praying that all is going well your way.

Cathy said...

wonderful work, moving moments....

get well!

Anonymous said...

Love these pictures - the little doggies look so happy together!
Look after yourself and hope all goes well in your life!