Wednesday, 22 October 2008


Oh how I enjoyed making these book marks. (6" x 2") My wife wants me to keep them - but no, they are done for a swap. It is a wake up call, though, that I should be doing some art which I can KEEP. :) I just love sharing it with my friends.


WW said...

Starting to sound a bit like Rocsy the bird
These "bookmarks" are just awesome Stewie. Little works of art between the pages....Love them!

roc said... every where i go someone is making fun of me. geesh.
love your bookmarks stewie!

Cathy said...

these are so awesome. and don't mind wanda. you know i think you are boo-tiful just the way you are!

barefootchef said...

Those are beautiful! I can see why your wife wants to keep them!

Jennifer Roberson Williams said...

I can definitely see why your wife wants to keep them - they are beautiful! The one with the poppies in the center is my favorite.